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Benton Welty Historic Classroom School Tours

The goal of the Placer County Historical Society is to provide an onsite opportunity for students to experience, appreciate and learn about the history of Auburn and Placer County.


  • Your visit to the historic 1916 Benton Welty classroom is designed for 2nd thru 4th graders.

  • The students will have an opportunity to experience a typical 1916 school day.

  • The overview will include interactive/hands-on lessons using the tools of an early 20th century classroom: primers, slates, chalk, blackboards, etc.

  • The students will discover how schools of the past and today are alike and different.

  • Each visit is designed to assist the teacher in providing an opportunity for their students to address some of the California State Social Studies/History curriculum.

Benton Welty Historic 1916 Classroom, Auburn, CA



Contact Placer County Historical Society (PCHS)

Call – 530-823-2128 or email –  to schedule a tour.


Day of the Tour:

            You will park in the lot behind the Auburn City Hall also known as the Auburn Civic Center.

            You will proceed to the back door where you will be greeted by a 1916 teacher/docent. The docent will give a brief historical introduction.

            The docent will take the students up the stairs to the classroom.

There is an elevator for those unable to walk up the stairs.




There is a park behind the City Hall parking lot that is available for a picnic.


You can also schedule an additional school tour at the Courthouse or Gold Rush Museum for the same day with the Placer County Museums.

Phone – 530-889-6500.


General Tours at the Benton Welty Historic Classroom for older students and adults may be scheduled by contacting the Placer County Historical Society. Phone – 530-823-2128 or email –

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